Variety’s Camp Brereton

Bordered on three sides with glimmering water, Variety’s Camp Brereton provides an opportunity for all children of all abilities, the chance to enjoy the great outdoors and the thrill of a great camping experience.

Many significant modifications have been made to the site to make it more accessible. The site accommodates visually impaired campers with railings and landscape markers throughout the camp.

The secluded beach is an area of the camp where you are surrounded by the calm beauty of nature. It is effortless to forget the hustle and bustle of the city and lose yourself to this special place. The night sky exposes the bright shimmering planets and stars.

Upon visiting Travis Price Point, you are engulfed in the heavens with breathtaking sunsets and spectacular northern lights. Look through our “Variety Hubble” telescope and you can almost reach out and touch the stars.